We take your security very seriously with the Doppler. The two main concerns for the users are the microphones and the connected nature of the device.

Pressing the mute on the Doppler disconnects the microphones at a hardware and software level and when the mute button is pressed and lit up red, you can be confident that there is no way the Doppler can hear or listen to what you’re saying.

When the Doppler has an Alexa account signed up and activated microphones there is something called a wake word engine running locally on the device. No data leaves the device until the wake word, Alexa, is heard by the wake word engine. If the wake word engine hears, Alexa, the Doppler will then stream what is heard up to the cloud for analysis by Amazon’s servers in order to talk to Alexa.

Amazon has a myriad of very strict security procedures that we have to follow. Here is the current list of security requirements: If you have any security concerns or if you think you have discovered a security exploit in our software, please email us immediately at

In the event that we have a security breach, we promise to alert our customers in a reasonable time frame and fix any exploits as fast as we can. We will also update this page and our release notes page with any security features or improvements we implement in over the air software updates.

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