Push the button

A & B. Smart Button 1 & 2

These will come in a future update.

C. Microphone Off/On

When Amazon Alexa is set up, this button turns the Doppler’s onboard microphones on and off. When the button is red, the microphones are off and the word Alexa will not work. If you want to talk to Alexa again, press the button again to re-enable to microphones. All the normal functions of Alexa will work when the microphones are disabled, Alexa just won’t be able to hear you.

D. Action

If Amazon Alexa is set up, pressing this button will either wake Alexa or interrupt an Alexa response. If the microphones are off, you’ll get an error and the Action button will flash red. Please turn the microphones back on to use the Action button.

E. Clock

This button is used to control the… clock! See Basic Use for more information.

F. Bluetooth

Connect your phone to the Doppler’s speakers with this button. See Basic Use for more information.

G. Alarm

Set the alarm and turn it on/off from this button. See Basic Use for more information.

H – L. Media Controls / Snooze

These buttons allow you to either control the audio coming out of those bumpin’ speakers or if it’s the alarm that’s bumpin’, then these buttons act as one big snooze button. Get that extra rest—you deserve it.

H. Minus

Turn the volume down if you don’t want to wake the neighbors.

I. Previous

Go back to the beginning and/or the previous track depending on what audio player is running.

J. Play/Pause

Need an explanation? Ok. If there’s something playing, pressing this button will stop it from playing. Press this again and then that something will start playing again.

K. Next

Jump ahead to the next audio track.

L. Plus

Turn the volume up if you want to share the Doppler with your neighbors.



  1. Hello. I AM reading the manual. I am looking for how to use the buttons and I wonder what the 1 and 2 buttons will do on future releases. I am also looking for how to display weather in the clock or what other display features there are. I see time and Day but no temperature yet. Perhaps I need to specify town… thanks. Looks great so far. I like the hugeness.

    1. Hi Allen, the 1 and 2 buttons will be customizable smart internet-connected buttons. More details on this in the future. Weather is coming in future software releases as well. Stay tuned to your email and our social media for announcements when the updates are live.

    1. Hey Saul, currently there is no totally off mode. We are working on adding something like that shortly. Would you like to have the screen totally off during “night” mode?

  2. How do I set the auto dim on Doppler, I just got it love it so far except at night the clock is way to low to see
    Is there a settings to fix and how do I do that

    1. Hi Yogendra, this isn’t possible since there is no SD card reader on the Doppler. Perhaps on a future product!

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