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Now, it’s time to connect your smartphone to the Doppler via Bluetooth. Bluetooth on your smartphone needs to be turned on.

Make sure your Doppler is plugged in, displaying a time, and that the light bar above the time is off. Tap the “Pair” button on the app to have the Doppler display a 6-digit code (the first four digits are the larger digits and the last two digits are the smaller digits). In the example below, the code is 123456.

If you do not see the code, tap “Doppler not displaying 6 digit code” in the app. 

Enter the full 6-digit code into the app and press “Pair.”

The Sandman Doppler should now be paired successfully.

If you ever get a “Connection is lost” error, tap “Reconnect”.

If pairing does not work or the connection will not reconnect, please see our Troubleshooting page.



  1. Bluetooth will not connect under any circumstances. Volume is pretty useless as it doesn’t go low enough to be able to listen at night. Should have waited longer to release to deal with the many bugs and issues.

    1. Hi Adam, have you tried removing and repairing while the bluetooth button is blue? Or perhaps tried a different device to see if that works? Feel free to reach out to support for more help and we can pull the logs and figure out what is going on.

  2. I had to press the Bluetooth button on the Doppler for it to pair, you might want to update your manual to correct that.

    1. Hi Zach, this Bluetooth is for connecting to the app and is separate from Bluetooth music. We agree this is confusing and are fixing it in future software updates.

  3. The latency is really high seconds. Will there updates of lessening it. Other then that audio really nice.

    1. Hi Harshad, are you using 6 digits or 4? Make sure you’re using all 6 digits including the small two in the bottom right hand corner.

    1. Press the bluetooth button so it turns blue and then connect your phone to the Doppler using the phone’s bluetooth setting.

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