App: Doppler Settings

After your Doppler has been set up with your app, you can configure several settings.

To access these settings, from the home page (below) tap the menu icon ( ≡ ) on the top left.

The menu will show you all adjustable setting options for your Doppler available within the app. Which currently includes:

  • Setting up WiFi
  • Setting the timezone
  • Naming your Doppler
  • Signing in or signing out of Amazon Alexa

As well as the ability to:

  • Get support
  • Find out more about Sandman
  • Read the Terms and Conditions
  • Send feedback
  • Log out of your Sandman account

Future Updates

In future updates, we will add the ability to configure the display including weather, traffic, and to change the color. To change the display color currently, please see the bottom label of your Doppler for instructions or see the Basic Use instructions here.



  1. Wow what a great radio. You guys certainly did your homework with this and will be a follower of you from now on. Great price also.

    1. Hi Jon, We are actively posting updates to the Beta versions. Once we are happy with the changes we will send everyone an email (and post a Kickstarter update). If you’d like some early access to the features, i’d recommend signing up for the beta program!

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