App: Amazon Alexa Setup

(This step is optional. If you don’t want to use Amazon Alexa please tap “Finish Later” at the bottom of the screen.)

Next, we will set up Amazon Alexa to work on the Sandman Doppler. Tap “Connect to Alexa.”

Tap “Sign in with Amazon”

Note: If you already have the Amazon app, some of the following steps may be automated.

Tap “Get Started.”

You’ll need to login to your Amazon account in order to set up Amazon Alexa on your Sandman Doppler.

If you do not have an Amazon account, you’ll need to create one for Alexa to work on the Doppler.

After the login, you’ll be taken to the “Things to Try” page in the Sandman app that shows examples of how to use Alexa on the Sandman Doppler.

You can now speak to Alexa on your Sandman Doppler by saying the wake word “Alexa.”

Press “Done” to go to the Sandman app’s home screen.



  1. There’s a bunch of settings that aren’t available for the Doppler that are available for Echo devices in the Alexa app (being able to turn on or off noise when the voice assistant turns on, changing the wake word, etc). Is that going to be updated in the future or is that a limitation on Amazon’s side?

    1. Zach, in future software versions you’ll be able to turn off the Alexa tones. Amazon only allows the Alexa wake word at the moment. What other features are you looking for?

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