Onboarding issues troubleshooting

Uh oh! Sorry you’re having trouble with the Doppler.

If you’re trying to update the Doppler to the new cloud version, please make sure your Doppler is updated to the latest cloud version and then factory reset your Doppler by holding down the + and – buttons until you see 4 zeros and then press the green button. This will activate the new setup helper built in the Doppler. Please press the add a Doppler button on the left side of the app to continue onboarding!

If you have already set up the cloud version of the Doppler, please power cycle your Doppler and try again. If this doesn’t work check out if there multiple Dopplers on your account by clicking the name of the Doppler above the system alarm. If this doesn’t work, try a factory reset.

Please reach out to support@sandmanclocks.com with any onboarding issues you may have.

Doing a factory reset, is always a good thing to try.