Basic Use

How do I even use this thing?

The following are basic instructions on how to use the buttons located on the top of the Sandman Doppler. These instructions are also located on the bottom label of the Doppler. For setting up the Doppler see setup, and for adjusting additional settings, see app settings.

Set Time:

Hold until colon blinks, press or hold or  . Press to reset and to save.

12/24 Hour:

Press .

Set Alarm:

Hold until display bell blinks, press or hold   or  . Press to save and turn on alarm.

Turn Alarm On or Off:

Press .

Snooze Alarm:

Press  .

Mute Microphones:

Press .

Wake Voice Assistant:

Press .

Change Color:

Hold until display shows a rainbow, select color using or . Press to save.

Change Brightness:

Hold until display shows a rainbow, select brightness using or . Press to save. The number in the bottom right corner is the current brightness level, it goes from 0 (totally off) to 9 (the brightest). The Doppler will auto-dim if the room is dark enough. While in color setup mode (the one with the rainbow on top) you will see a sun if the Doppler thinks it’s bright enough for day mode and nothing if the Doppler thinks it’s night mode. The Doppler will remember and save your brightness preference for both day and night mode. 

Bluetooth Audio Pairing Mode:

Press .

Volume Down:




Volume Up:

Smart Button 1 (coming in a future update) :

Smart Button 2 (coming in a future update) :

Factory Reset:

Hold and until display shows “00:00”. Press to cancel or  to confirm. Note: In some versions of the Doppler, pressing also confirms the reset.



  1. Hi, is there a specific version of bluetooth that’s supported? I’m on a pixel 4xl and even though i see doppler in my ‘available bluetooth’ options, selecting it does nothing. thoughts?

    1. Hi Ryan, can you please try forgetting/removing the Doppler from the bluetooth settings and then pressing the bluetooth button (so it turns blue) and try pairing again?

    2. Tap the gear of the Doppler, there should be a slider for usage of audio. Then it works. I little delay voice to video.

    1. Hi Yogendra, you’ll want to press the Bluetooth button and then go to your phone’s bluetooth settings and then connect to the Doppler. Enjoy!

  2. My bedroom is totally dark when I go to sleep. Yet, Doppler seems to think it is day, displays little yellow sun and defaults to level 9 brightness. I reset brightness to zero, and confirm. All good. Next morning, defaults back to full brightness. Does not automatically dim to zero at night. Have to manually adjust this every night. Any secret setting or solution to fix this, please. Need to consider the WAF here. Thanks, Stefan

    1. Stefan,
      Sorry about this. Can you try reducing the day brightness setting down to 8? The Doppler can sometimes see it’s own lights and cause these issues. Let us know if this works!

  3. Is there any way to turn off (especially at night) the 1/2/Microphone row of buttons?

    They are especially bright and also don’t change color to be in sync with the clock display and shuttle buttons.

    1. Hi Dan, at the moment, no. But we are working on a new mode which will address that. What brightness level are you using at night?

    1. Hi Dan, in the meantime we recommend using one brightness step lower at night. This should help. We are looking to add much more functionality to the app soon!

  4. Dear Sandman: I second Dan’s request — while the digits dim nicely at night, the buttons on the top do not, and are thus much much brighter (I have nighttime brightness set to 2). I’m not as concerned about the buttons’ colors matching the display (though that’d be fine), but they should ideally be dimmer than the digits.
    Right now I put a piece of cardboard over the buttons, which works OK but (1) it’s janky and (2) it must be removed each morning to allow the light sensor to see that it’s daytime and thus switch digits to daytime brightness.
    Thanks for considering this.

    1. Rob, a piece of cardboard over the Doppler is not acceptable to us and we are sorry you have to do this.

      We are working on a blackout mode and separate button brightness control in the app. Sorry again and we are working on it!

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