App: Alarms

In the main view, you will see your alarms.

To add an alarm, press the + button near the bottom of the screen.

Note: The “Doppler System Alarm” is the main alarm tied to the alarm bell button on the top of the Sandman Doppler. It cannot be deleted from the app, but it can be configured and turned on or off.

Note: Alarms labeled “Alexa alarm” can only be modified or deleted using your Alexa, this is a limitation of Amazon’s Alexa integration and we are working on it with them to fix or improve this. These alarms can be modified from the Alexa app.

In the Add Alarm screen, you can set the time of the alarm, if and how often it repeats, label the alarm name, set the alarm sound, and alarm volume.

Press “Save” to save the alarm and turn it on, or press “Cancel” to cancel editing it.

To turn an alarm on or off, press the toggle to the right of it. In the example below, 10:00 AM is turned off, while 9:00 AM is turned on. When an alarm is turned on, the alarm bell icon on the top left of the Doppler’s front display will light up.

To edit an alarm, slide the alarm to the left to expose the pencil icon. Tapping this icon allows you to edit the alarm.

To delete an alarm, slide the alarm to the left to expose the red trash icon. Tapping this icon will delete that alarm.

When the alarm executes (alarm sounds coming from the Doppler) you can control it directly via the top buttons. 

To turn the alarm off, press the alarm bell button located on the top of the Doppler towards the top right of the buttons.

To snooze the alarm, press the large snooze button (any of the media control buttons) on the top of the Doppler. The alarm will snooze for 9 minutes.



  1. Are we supposed to be able to hear the alarm sounds though the app? I keep tapping the play buttons but don’t hear anything. I guess it will be a surprise tomorrow morning.

    1. Hi Jason, the alarm preview plays out of the Doppler speakers. If you aren’t hearing the preview, please close and reopen the app.

  2. Hi, how do I change the alarm volume? When I play the alarm sound from the app,
    it come out the Doppler quite loud, when the alarm “executes”, it starts out silent then
    slowly ramps up to a soft volume that I will sleep right through.
    I have tried all the volume settings and it doesn’t make any difference.


    1. Hi Pat, we are working on some bugs that have caused some issues when previewing the alarm sound but this should work fine. Can you please reach out to support?


  3. I’m running into another issue with the alarms. How do you turn alarms off until the next time they are scheduled to sound? I have an alarm scheduled for 6:45 monday-friday, but when the alarm sounds, pressing the “bell” button turns the alarm completely off. After that, the only way I can seem to find to turn the alarm back on again is through the app. Is that correct?

    1. Hey Jason, the scheduled alarm should turn the bell button back on 23 hours before the next alarm. This is done that you think all alarms are off when you turn off the alarms in the morning and then they will be on and ready to go when you go to bed at night. Please give it a shot!

  4. I’m having a similar problem to Pat in that attempting to set my alarm sounds, they play back at full volume. I will reach out to support on that.
    I was also wondering if there was going to be a way to have something else as a wake sound or were we limited to what is programmed into the app?

    1. Hey Mike, for now, the Sandman app has limited sound options. If you’d like unlimited sound options, just ask Alexa and you have an unlimited number of sound options. Thanks so much!

  5. I’m having the same problem as the other folks. The alarm sounds are at full volume, irrespective of how I set them in the app or via the buttons on top of the Sandman

  6. We already have an Echo Dot in our bedroom on my wife’s side of the bed. When I say “Alexa…” even in a low voice, the Echo Dot responds but not my Sandman. I named the Sandman (rather unimaginatively) “Saandman” — is there any way I can get it to respond to voice commands using this name?

    1. Max, you can’t change the wakeword on the Doppler. Alexa only at this time. Sorry about that! If both your wife’s dot and the Doppler are on the same Alexa account only one will respond at a time. You can also change the wakeword of the dot to a couple of other options.

  7. Is there a way for the alarm to wake you up via SiriusXM or some other music source versus the alarm sounds already built into Sandman?

    1. Hey Carl, you can Ask Alexa to wake you up to a specific station on SiriusXM. Try a command like: “Alexa, set alarm at 7am to station 100 on SiriusXM”

  8. Hey guys, received my Doppler earlier this morning thank you.
    Is there any other way to wake up to music other than using Alexa?

  9. @Alex Tramiel I think that either I am having a bug with my alarms on my Doppler, or there’s something that does not work in the way I am expecting it to function.

    Last night, before I went to sleep, I made sure my two alarms were set. I have one set to go off at 6:45am and one at 8:00am. I know I set them, because I set them both as I got into bed and noticed the bell indicator was not on. I went into the app and turned both on. This morning, the 6:45am one went off, and I pressed the bell button on the control panel. I believe it and the indicator light then turned red. The 8:00am alarm never sounded. at approximately 8:10am, I looked at the clock and the button and indicator light were still red. I then opened the app, and found that the 8:00am alarm was switched to off. Again, I KNOW I turned it on before I went to sleep.

    Can you try to figure out what is happening? Does turning off an occurring alarm turn off all alarms set for the day? If so, that’s a real inconvenience, as often couples use one alarm clock with 2 separate times, one for each person. If that’s not the case, could it be something else, or something I did in my sleep?

    1. Hey Jason, the alarm button will turn off the next armed alarm until there are no more armed alarms. We are updating the manual to explain how this works in more detail. Can you reach out to support and we can figure out what is going on? Thanks!

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