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To check the build of your Doppler:

Hold    until display shows a rainbow, then press to display the version number. The first number is the Doppler build version and the second number is the microcontroller (PSoC) version number.

Build 783 (release) 9/4/2020

  • Adjusted operating point of wake word engine to desensitize Alexa wake word detection. 
  • DSP firmware has been upgraded to a newer version.
  • Logs now push when Doppler is power cycled. 
  • Increased logging.
  • Fixed a graphics bug with the colons exiting color setup mode. 
  • Doppler will use battery backup for time if NTP can’t be reached. 
  • Adjusted startup sequence. 
  • Colors have been adjusted to match between the three different types of LEDs in PSoC version 605. 
  • Hardware mute implemented
  • Firmware revision has been changed from Clepsydra to Fenjaan
  • Adjusted FDDA for hardware mute and new DSP firmware
  • Added repeat and skip buttons in FDDA

Build 686 (release) 7/21/2020

  • Created FDDA (Final Doppler Diagnostic Application) specifically designed for automated testing before shipping. FDDA improves on DDA in multiple ways including automatic microphone, speaker, and buzzer testing. FDDA can be accessed from pre-reset mode by pressing the alarm button and power cycling. This should be only used to debug devices as at the end of the tests it will wipe all databases and perform a factory reset. 
  • Added animation upon A2DP connect and disconnect. 3 flashing blue lights, per Alexa spec. 
  • Added Copilot logging for A2DP connect and disconnect. 
  • Notifications now play at system volume instead of alert volume. 
  • Color setup mode now displays the sun icon when in day mode and nothing in night mode.
  • Color setup mode now displays the current global brightness level in the small display.
  • Removes the ability to remove a time offset if a Doppler has never connected to NTP from clock setup mode. 
  • Long hold has been tweaked from 2 seconds to 1 second. 
  • Fixed a bug upon exiting RGBW mode. 
  • SSIDs should display correctly upon switching networks. 
  • Swapping between networks with the same SSID has been fixed. 
  • Wifi status is now visible on the action button. If you’ve never connected, it will be white. If you have connected previously but aren’t currently connected it will display an error (orange color). If you’re connected it will be white. 
  • Alexa error appears on lightbar and action button if you’ve previously connected to Alexa and can’t connect now. 
  • Changed the default timezone to UTC upon factory reset.
  • Removed AVS token connection lights. This eliminates short blue and yellow flashes on the light bar every hour or so. 
  • Added the ability for forced and approved updates.
  • Enabled additional Music Service Providers for Alexa: Pandora, Deezer, and SiriusXM
  • Fixes a hardware issue with software when e-fuses weren’t set properly at the factory.  
  • Updated DSP firmware to
  • The volume set by Alexa will persist through a reboot. 

Build 612 (release) 2020-06-08:

Overall Changes

  • Check that NTP is synchronized before displaying the day of the week
  • Change A2DP on by default and enable by press of the BT button
  • Added bleeps and bloops for microphone mute and unmute
  • Added logic to allow alarm button to coexist properly with phone alarms
  • Changed bluetooth pairing color
  • Disabled Demo mode
  • Alarms are erased one at a time now
  • Auto arm alarms
  • Alarm lights flash when alarm is executing
  • Setting timezone over BLE also sets AVS timezone
  • Added the Alexa bleeps and bloops when she is listening to you
  • Fixed music being affected by color setup mode button presses
  • Added Alarm ramping and tones to BLE server
  • Connected to the internet sync check
  • Adding logging for copilot
  • Upgraded to AVS 1.19
  • Changed the volume scaling to make lower volume quieter
  • Enabled open networks
  • Upgraded Mender client version to prevent updating to old revisions

Detailed Changes

  • Doppler no longer runs as root. This was a requirement for Amazon security. 
  • The Doppler can no longer be updated to old versions once the update is successful. Only updates with newer build versions may be installed. This is another Amazon security requirement.  
  • Our build system was edited to have debug and release versions. In the release versions, consoles and SSH are turned off. 
  • Demo mode was disabled to avoid accidental activation by our customers. 
  • Upcoming scheduled alarms will auto arm 23 hours before they are scheduled to go off. This will prevent the user from accidentally seeing another alarm is set when they wake up, but when they go to bed they will see their alarm has been autoset and will wake them in the morning.  
  • Alarm button behavior is changed so that if you have multiple alarms armed pressing the alarm button will go through and dis-arm the next armed alarm one by one. This is visible by looking at the alarm light, alarm button and app. 
  • Removed all sensitive information sent to any logging service. This included wifi names, passwords, and what Alexa is asked and said in both human readable and non human readable formats. 
  • Setting the timezone in the Doppler app will now change the timezone of Alexa. This is currently a one way sync rather than two way. The user will likely only need to do this once. 
  • Added Alexa UI sounds so it beeps when Alexa is triggered and stops listening. This is currently defaulted to off since it’s annoying 🙂
  • The Alexa UI also requires us to have the mute button make sounds. This was added as well. 
  • Fixed a bug where play/pause was being triggered on press rather than release. This bug was very obvious when entering color setup mode when music was playing.
  • Alarm volume ramping and Alexa sounds were added to the BLE server so they can be added to the app. 
  • A flag was added so the Doppler knows if it was ever connected to the internet. This allows the Doppler to quickly and efficiently check the time and make sure it is as accurate as possible after power cycles, network failures, or initial connections. 
  • Added easy editable logging that gets sent to Copilot for further parsing. 
  • Upgraded to the newest Alexa Voice Service version, 1.19. Ths release implemented local ducking and many audio changes.
  • Added a logarithmic volume scaler to change the Doppler volume output to be quieter at lower volume levels. An easy way to adjust the volume levels was also added. 
  • Added ability for networks with no passwords to be used. 

Known (new) Issues & Bugs

  • Open networks needs to be tested fully
  • Some Dopplers lose sound on Mender updates, need to see how common and what the root cause is
  • Sometimes Dopplers have lower case names appear in Mender 
  • Sometimes bluetooth loses connection in iOS when switching between A2DP and BLE

Release 507 2020-03-13:

Overall Changes

  • Doppler pairing code color is now white
  • Added sqlite3 to Doppler
  • Added flashing of alarm lights and lightbar during alarm executing mode
  • Added PSoC 598R to add KITT animation during no host time
  • Moved BLE keys to persistent partition to avoid having to re-pair after an update
  • Soft reset removes BLE connections

Detailed Changes

  • In this release, we have modified the Doppler kernel to read the burned in eth0 mac address directly from the hardware e-fuses so the host name never changes.
  • In order to make the 6 digit pin as obvious as possible, the color has been changed to 255,255,255 for bluetooth pairing mode.
  • sqlite3 database client was added to the Doppler in order to allow easier debugging of the Doppler database.
  • Alarm executing mode should be very obvious an alarm is currently going off. This was originally designed to flash the lightbar and all alarm lights.
  • Added a group which included lightbar, alarm light on display board and alarm button light and set this group to flash the alarm color (green for app, red for system, cyan for alexa) when the alarm is executing
  • PSoC 598R was added. This release removes the 2 flashing red lights during host bootup and replaces it with a KITT style animation.
  • This KITT animation was color coordinated to the teal in the Doppler logo and will display whenever the Doppler application is not running, just like the previous lights.
  • The user should only see these during the initial setup, recovery from power failure or during a mender update. Or you know, if Doppler crashes. Which doesn’t happen. Ever.
  • Executing soft reset will remove BLE keys on the device. So this will be a true factory reset.

Known (new) Issues & Bugs

  • Need to continue testing. I’m sure we have some but so far so good.

Release 482 2020-03-02:

Overall Changes

  • Recurring alarms auto-arm 23 hours before they would go off
  • Alarm bell shows correctly
  • Alarm button now only removes first armed alarm
  • graphics changes to BLE pairing, Alarms, and Do Not Disturb mode
  • AVS updated to 1.18

Detailed Changes

  • Fix auto-arm to work after twiddling alarm bell
  • Added “hardware/update” characteristic to GATT, Mender trigger not yet active for this to work
  • qa packaging messaging changed
  • bluetooth pairing color (6 digits) changed from solid blue
  • fixes to make repeating alarms trigger appropriately
  • changed alarm button push to only remove next armed alarm
  • doppler (user) added to /etc/dbus-1/bluetooth.conf and asound.conf
  • removed code that allowed doppler to be put into demo mode
  • serial ports changed to group dialout for security
  • light sensor now logs 10x slower
  • alarm button cancelling should no longer trigger system alarm to be set
  • fixed a bug in startup script to disable Doppler app from being run before Mender (also before artifact_reboot_leave)
  • change linkage of portaudio from .a to .so
  • update AVS from 1.17 to 1.18 (bluetooth connection udates and alarm fixes)
  • update PSoC to 595r
  • libcap-bin and libcap-native added to build
  • ResetService button graphic bugs fixed.
  • Alarms that execute for an hour now hit maxtiemrexpiration and a SetMode(NORMAL) occurs
  • Edit Alarm from BLE on System alarms no longer can change color, name, etc. Only modifications to time and status (set or unarmed) allowed.
  • graphics fix on alarm bell
  • Do Not Disturb graphics update to show after idle and ending animations
  • Sounds for mute button moved to uiManager from VolumeService so they don’t trigger on startup
  • Removed wifi logging.

Known (new) Issues & Bugs

  • sleeping a recurring alarm (or System Alarm) may change the time it recurs at instead of creating a new one-off snooze alarm (testing needed)
  • sending invalid json to some (currently unused) BLE characteristics will crash doppler

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