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The time is automatically set via your Doppler’s WiFi internet connection. The Doppler defaults to UTC time, so you’ll likely have to change your timezone.

To access the settings, from the home page (below) tap the menu icon ( ≡ ) on the top left of the screen.

In the settings menu, tap “Set Timezone.”

Select your timezone and then tap “Save” in the top right of the screen.



    1. Hi Paul, please press the clock button on the Doppler. The one that looks like the Sandman logo to change to 24 hour time.

  1. I went in and changed my time zone to Central and hit save. Left the room for about 1/2 hour and when I checked, it was still 6 hours off. Ended up having to change it manually. Anyone else having troubles? Will it automatically change when DST starts again in the Spring?

  2. Suggestion- automatically save the time zone when selected. Since the UI gives confirmation with a check box, the save requirement seems unnecessary and confusing.

  3. Is it possible to set your own NTP server? I have my own GPS-synced stratum 1 device on my local network that I’d like to use. Alternatively, what ntp server does the doppler use? I can always set my router to re-direct the DNS lookup to my local IP address.

    1. We currently don’t have the functionality but we will be opening stuff up more as the Doppler software matures. The Doppler is using as it’s NTP server.

  4. Anyone have problems with time zone in uk. It keeps defaulting to being one hour ahead tried different time zones and can’t seem to get to the right time !!

    1. Hey James, make sure you’re in the London time zone so you get the proper BST time zone (UTC+1) for the summer. If you’re having issues, please shoot us an email for support.

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