Amazon Alexa

Your Sandman Doppler has Amazon Alexa built-in.

Amazon Alexa is the intelligent cloud-based voice service that you can talk to on your Sandman Doppler. Speak to Alexa through your Sandman Doppler to play music, hear the news, check weather, and control your smart home. Alexa is in the cloud and is always getting smarter, delivering new capabilities to your device automatically.

To use Amazon Alexa, you’ll need to set up the Doppler. Download the Sandman Clocks app, and follow the in-app instructions or follow our guide here. Once set up, you can talk to Amazon Alexa on your Sandman Doppler.

Using Alexa on your Sandman Doppler is simple and hands-free – just ask, and Alexa will respond instantly through your Doppler. For example:

“Alexa, what do I have on my schedule today?”
“Alexa, how long is the drive to work?”
“Alexa, what is today’s weather?”
“Alexa, set an alarm for 7:00 am”

Mute Microphones:

Press .

Wake Voice Assistant:

Press .

Do Not Disturb

Amazon Alexa features the ability to block notifications, such as calls and messages, to your Doppler. It does not block alarms or timers. To turn it on or off, please visit this link.

Alexa Features

To learn about Alexa features, please visit this link.

Alexa Notifications

Alexa will notify you of various things like Amazon deliveries. These will appear as a yellow flashing bar on the top of the Doppler. To remove this bar, just ask “Alexa, what are my notifications?” If you don’t like these notifications, you can turn them off in the Alexa app.



  1. What happens to Alexa-managed alarms if I lose internet connectivity or power? Is there any failsafe for those alarms on the device itself?

    1. Hi Seth, the alarms will persist and go off normally if you lose internet connectivity. If you lose power, the internal buzzer will sound at the proper time. This is true for all alarms, Alexa alarms included.

  2. Any way we can get access to the request sounds for the device in the Alexa App? I would like to shut off the peeps when it recognizes the wake word.

    1. Hey Dave, this is not an option at the moment. We will add this feature in future software updates.

  3. When will the “announcements” and “drop in” features be activated? The ability to drop in or announce is one of the Alexa main features.

    1. Hey Sean, we are working on this along with calling and messaging. We are hoping to have done in a couple of months. Thanks!

  4. Will the Alexa app ever be active, as in able to recognize the wake word versus having to push the mic button? Used to have one of their Spots as a clock and got used to just being able to say “Alexa…”

    1. Hey Mike, the wake word, Alexa should work. Please reach out to support if you aren’t able to talk to the Doppler like your Spot. Thanks!

  5. Are “Alexa Groups” supported? I see the Doppler in the Amazon app, but it won’t let me add it the the room/group it’s in.

    1. Currently, groups aren’t supported. When we get multi-room music certification groups will be supported. Sorry about that!

  6. I would like to change the language. So that I can speak German commands to the Doppler via Alexa and also get German answers. I can speak English, but getting started in a foreign language in the morning isn’t so funny. And at the moment the Doppler ( Alexa ) doesn’t understand any German commands and gives completely confused stuff.
    Can I also configure an alarm from another Alexa device, for example in the living room?

    1. Hi Robert, we aren’t currently supporting Alexa in a different language, but other have had success changing Alexa to German using the Alexa app and changing the language setting.

      Configuring the Doppler alarm using a different Alexa device is not supported, but will be soon!

  7. Any idea on a estimated timeline for Google home support? When I originally supported this, however long ago it was, the plan was to support both Alexa and Google. I had at the time mostly Alexa stuff but I have since moved firmly into the Google systems so it would really like for this to be part of that

  8. Will I be able to change the wake word for Alexa? I usually use “Echo” since Alexa is too close to names in our house

    1. Hi Ben, at this point, Amazon only allows the Alexa wake word for all third-party Alexa devices. Sorry about that!

    1. Hi Christian, this is on our roadmap but not a priority at this time. Some other backers have found that changing the language in the Alexa app works well.

  9. My Doppler has cut its connection to Alexa and I cannot manage to reconnect it. Alexa is working fine in the rest of my house. There is an Echo Dot in the same room as my Doppler and that is responding instead.

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