USB-C Upgrade

Your Doppler can be upgraded from 6 USB-A ports to 3 USB-C and 3 USB-A ports. This upgrade is 100% optional and not required. You’d want to do this upgrade for a couple of reasons: you’ve upgraded your phone, you’ve bought some new USB-C cables, you hate USB-A… whatever floats your boat. Well, the Doppler has you covered and you can upgrade your Doppler very easily.

If you want to purchase this upgrade, head over here to order the upgrade:

Ok, so now that you have the upgrade, here is how you install it…

First off, you’ll want to grab the following tools:

Phillips head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, scissors, pliers

Next you’ll want to uplug the Doppler from power and place it face down. We recommend placing the Doppler face down on a soft surface or microfiber cloth to protect the front screen from scratching.

You can use whatever color microfiber you want, we wanted ours to match the lovely blue Doppler pictured here

After your Doppler is unplugged you’ll notice 2 screws on either side of the back USB cover.

There are only 2 screws on the back, if you see fewer than 2 screws or more than 2 screws… you got a problem. Please email us at

Please grab your Phillips head screwdriver and unscrew both screws on either side of the USB cover.

Once both screws are removed make sure you don’t lose them, you’ll need them again when you’re finished.

Now your Doppler has its …screws loose…

Once the screws are removed, you’ll want to remove the back USB cover. You’ll want to do this with a flat head screwdriver. We recommend inserting the flat head screwdriver into the side of the leftmost USB-A port in between the USB-A port and the plastic cover. Then pry the cover up.

It may look complicated, but it’s actually very easy.

Once you pop off the USB cover you’ll see both USB boards visible.

Make sure you upgrade the right one!

Only the left USB board is able to be upgraded, never remove the right USB port. Next we will want to remove the USB board and replace it with the new USB-C board. The USB boards are in there pretty tight, so you’ll want to grab your pliers.

Just like pulling teeth!

We recommend grabbing the USB board in between the two ports, rather than grabbing the ports. The USB boards can be in there pretty tight, so be careful and pull the USB board out of the back of the Doppler.

Isn’t it a cute little board? Well it’s getting replaced.
It’s out! Well done!

Once the USB board is removed you’ll want to disconnect the red connectors from each other to free the USB board.

If you’re curious, this is called a JST connector. They are fairly durable, but be careful disconnecting it!

Now the Doppler is ready for the new USB-C board. Please grab your scissors and open both the new USB-C board and new back cover.

These bags are pink, because they are anti-static!

Now, cut the bags!

They are free!!

Please note, there might be some tape on the USB-C board. This to make the USB-C board fit a little tighter. If this is present on your board, please don’t remove it.

Don’t remove the tape!

Now, plug in the new USB-C board into the same connector.

Ok, you’re done! Just kidding!

Now that the board is connected you’ll want to put it back into the Doppler. The USB-C board will be flipped upside down compared to the way the old USB-A board was inserted. You’ll also need to use the upper slots so the new ports are centered.

Make sure you use the upper slot and position the new USB-C board upside down.

Once the USB-C board is in the proper slots, slowly push the board all the way back into the slot. The connectors and the majority of the extra cable should be below the board towards the bottom of the Doppler. Please note that the right slot (green arrow above) won’t be flush with the new USB-C board.

Make sure the connectors are below the new board. This allows everything to push back all the way.

Now you’ll want to grab the new USB cover that came with the upgrade. You’ll want to orient the small oval connectors on the left side to match the new USB-C ports you just installed.

Hopefully you’ll have no issues figuring out which side is which.

Now insert the USB cover back onto the Doppler covering the ports. All the holes/ports should line up perfectly, but pay careful attention to the two holes on either side of the power adapter as that is what holds everything together.

The pins on the cover need to align with the holes on the Doppler

Press down gently on the USB cover until everything is nice and flush. All the ports and holes should be aligned and the back cover should be flush and smooth with the back of the Doppler, just like before the upgrade.

Almost there, doesn’t this look good!

Now grab the same two screws you took out previously and put them into the screw holes on the new USB cover.

Hopefully you didn’t lose these screws!

You guessed the next step, using your Phillips head screwdriver insert both screws into the new USB cover. You’ll want to screw these in as deep as you can, but be careful to not strip the screws.

You’ll want to get these screws in as deep as you can, be careful to not strip the screws.

Once you have both screws in fully, you’ve done it! You’ve upgraded your Doppler to USB Type-C! You should now plug your Doppler back into power and test all 3 USB-C ports. You can test them by plugging any USB Type-C device into each port and see if the device starts charging. Please test all 3 ports to make sure they are all working. If anything doesn’t look or smell right, IMMEDIATELY unplug the power to the Doppler and email us at

Make sure to test all 3 new ports!

Congratulations and enjoy your newly upgraded Doppler!

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